Audit Finds Credibility Gap in Condominium Lottery Draw

ADDIS ABABA –  The City administration of Addis Ababa said several credibility gaps have been found in the lottery draw conducted to transfer condominium houses last week.

Over 25,490 Condo units built both under the 20/80 ad 40/60 housing development programs were transferred through a lottery draw last Friday. 

A total of 79,794 residents entered the draw after supposedly fulfilling the criteria set by the city administration including saving the minimum down payment at the bank to acquire the flats. 

In a statement issued on Monday, the Mayor’s Office of Addis Ababa also said that the administration took various steps to make sure the reliability of the transfer process ahead of the lottery draw. 

These include the development of a new Lottery management software by the Science and Technology Bureau of the city. Its credibility was, later, vetted by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

The two offices were also made to present the software to more than two experts and observers to check its reliability.

Speaking at the lottery drawing event, Mayor of the city Adanech Abiebie also said the drawing process would be a subject of independent auditing if complaints were lodged. 

Her office’s statement on Monday confirmed that several complaints were raised during the lottery draw process that took place at the municipality hall. Accordingly, it said the administration conducted an audit into the process and found discrepancies between the data sent from the Bank and those fed into the lottery software used on Friday’s draw.

“We have found several credibility gaps including the inclusion of individuals who didn’t save the minimum down payment to the latest round of the lottery draw,” the office said.  

The matter is now being investigated by other “neutral and relevant organizations”, said the Mayor’s office, adding the findings of the investigation will be made public soon.

Officials and experts who are suspected of having a part in creating the irregularity have been arrested, the Office added.