Over 1,000 Ethiopians Arilfted from Saudi Arabia

ADDIS ABABA – More than a thousand Ethiopian migrants returned home from Saudi Arabia on Monday as authorities resume their repatriation operation this week.

Three planes with aboard a combined total of 1, 043 citizens, landed at the Addis Ababa Bole International airport today.

Eleven children are among today’s returnees that arepredominantly young men, according to the ministry of Women and Social Affairs.

All the repatriates have been taken to shelter centers where they are getting care and support.

Apart from transporting them back to their country, authorities say the operation involves rehabilitating and sending returnees to their respective localities in dignity.

Ethiopia launched the ongoing repatriation push on March 30, 2022, with a target to bring back at least 102,000 of its citizens who are held in Saud’s detention centers and prisons within eleven months.

To date, the nation has brought nearly 50, 000 of its citizens back home.

The operation, involving nine flights a week, will continue on Wednesday and Friday this week as per the official schedule.