Green Legacy 2022: Annual Tree Planting Campaign Begins

ADDIS ABABA – The fourth Green Legacy planting campaign has begun today with a target of planting 6 billion seedlings during the Kiremt rainy season.

The launching ceremony took place at Gulele Botany center in the presence of senior government officials including Prime Minister Aiby Ahmed.

More than seven billion seedlings have been prepared for this year’s planting campaign. About 52% of the total seedlings are for agroforestry trees while forestry trees account for 42% and the remaining are ornamental, officials say. 

Launched in June of 2019, the Green legacy initiative aims to curb the effects of climate change and deforestation in Ethiopia..

“Caring for the nation involves the protection of our citizens, just as caring for the land that sustains us involves endeavors like our Green Legacy initiative,” Prime Minister Abiy said.

 “Accordingly, we will continue to take timely security actions,” the PM said. The PM was speaking about the government’s response to recent attacks on civilians in western Ethiopia. 

‘Join Me’

The green legacy initiative was launched with a target to plant 20 billion seedlings within a period of four years.  

“As we launch the 4th year  Green Legacy season, I raise the 100 seedlings challenge to plant in this planting period,” he said. “This morning i have planted 10 of the 100 challenges for the future generation. Join me!”

During the past three rounds of tree planting pushes, at least 18 billion seedlings have been planted, according to government’s data.

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