Ethiopia, Norway Sees More Partnership on Health, Higher Education  

ADDIS ABABA – The annual conference on Ethiopia-Norway collaboration in health and higher education for development was held in Addis Ababa on Tuesday.

The conference was aimed at supporting and celebrating ongoing partnerships and collaborations within health and higher education, according to the Norwegian embassy here. 

At least 150 delegates including officials from educational and health institutes from both countries attended the annual event, held for a fifth time this year.

This year’s conference took place under the theme ‘Harnessing Strategies during and after a Pandemic; implications, and opportunities for Partnerships’ with a particular focus on ethics and gender in Public Health and Care Trauma Care. 

Addressing the participants, Norway’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Merete Lundemo has expressed her government’s commitment to its partnership with Ethiopia.

“The Conference contributes to the harnessing of the ongoing partnerships by providing a platform for networking and exchange,” said Ambassador Lundemo.

Apart from officials from health and Women and Social Affairs ministries, St. Paul’s Hospital, Black Lion Hospital, and Cancer Care Ethiopia from the Ethiopian side, and the University of Oslo, and Haukeland University Hospital from the Norwegian side attended the conference.

“The purpose is to bring out synergies for further and new partnerships..” said Lundemo. “We are grateful for the collaboration.”

The partnership is working to promote and build better health facilities and broader access to health services by enhancing the capacity of institutions and health personnel, according to Norway’s embassy in Adis Ababa.