Online Trade Registration, Licensing System to go Live Nationally

ADDIS ABABA – Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration is set to make the online trade registration and licensing system available for businesses across Ethiopia, starting next July.

Officials in the sector launched the system in January last year, availing the online service for the first time in Ethiopia’s history.

The launch was a part of the government’s economic reform that aimed to improve the Ease of starting business and Ease of doing business in the country.

In the first nine months of the current fiscal year alone, the Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration announced a total of 16,541 businesses were registered and licensed online, achieving 67% of its target.

At least 10,813 of them were registered and licensed at the federal level, said the Trade Ministry, in a statement on Wednesday, adding that preparations to launch the online business licensing system nationwide are at a final stage.

“As of July 8, 2022, the online trade registration and licensing system will be available throughout the country,” said Mohamed State Minister of Trade in the statement.

He said several preparation works have been carried out to launch the service nationwide.

At least 1,436 regional and district-level officials in the trade sector have been coached in seven rounds of training on the system, the ministry said.

Nationwide, at least 1, 134 trade registration and licensing offices are now linked with the Woreda-net network, making them ready to provide online service. The offices cover 95.4% of the total business registration offices in the country.

The remaining 52 will be networked until June, said the ministry, while providing, at the same time, the necessary information regarding the system to the business community.

The system is said to enable members of the business community to get their trade registered and licensed without physical presence at the headquarters of the ministerial and regional bureau of service-providing institutions.

It will significantly reduce possible corruption during the licensing and registration process, said the Trade officials.

Business people can access the service through mobile phones or personal computers from wherever they are, helping traders save time, labor, and cost and further transform the sector, they added.

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