1,167 More Ethiopians Airlifted From Saudi Arabia

ADDIS ABABA – A total of 1,167 Ethiopian migrants have returned home from Saudi Arabia on Friday, the government said.

About 338 women and 60 children were the total returnees that came back via three flight operations on the day.

“The new arrivals have been taken to a shelter center where they are getting care and support,” said the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs.

Authorities launched the ongoing repatriating push on March 30, 2022.

The plan involves bringing back a total 102,000 Ethiopians who are held in Saud’s detention centers.

To date, close to 26, 000 Ethiopians have been brought back to their home country.

The repatriation campaign is scheduled to continue for the next six months and involves three flights a day for three days every week.

The government is working closely with International Organization for Migration in its ongoing push to receive, rehabilitate and send returnees to their respective localities in dignity.