GCS: 74 More Aid Convoy Heads to Tigray Region

ADDIS ABABA – About 74 trucks carrying relief food and fuel are on their way to Tigray region, the Government Communication Service (GCS) announced Saturday.

Federal government declared a truce to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to people in need of aid in the northern region of Ethiopia late last month.

The WFP-led 74 trucks departed from Afar region’s capital Semera on Saturday afternoon, said the GCS in a statement.

Today’s conveys are the third round of food and other supplies delivered since the declaration of the truce. Six of the 74 trucks are transporting fuel, said GCE.

The latest development builds on expanded air operations by which humanitarian organisations have delivered more than 600 metric tons of medical, nutrition, and shelter supplies since December.

The Ethiopian government will continue to work closely with the World Food Program and other aid organizations to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid to Tigray, the GSC said.

The Federal Government also requested the international community to put pressure on the Tigray militant group to withdraw fully from the areas the militants occupy in the Afar and Amhara regions, and refrain from disseminating false information.

It also urged the international community to apply pressure on the group to repatriate 1025 trucks that failed to return after delivering humanitarian aid to Tigray.