Fed Army ‘destroys TPLF forces’ coming from Sudan

ADDIS ABABA – Federal military says it has “destroyed” a group of about 320 rebels trying to enter Tigray region of Ethiopia from neighboring Sudan.

“Some of them died of thirst on the road, some were captured, and those who refused to surrender were destroyed by the army,” Brig Gen Tesfaye Ayalew, national army deployment chief, said in a briefing broadcast on state-owned TV.

The conflict in Tigray began after forces of the former ruling party of the region, TPLF, attacked federal army base there on Nov 4, last year.

The government declared that the conflict was over at the end of November, but there are reportedly sporadic fighting.

The conflict left more than a million people displaced internally while tens of thousands have sought refuge in neighboring Sudan.

Brig Gen Tesfaye said the fighters, who tried to enter Ethiopia via Humera, had been making a bid to reach their party leaders.

The aim of the groups was to rescue the fugitive leaders of the TPLF, labeled recently as a terrorist group, outside of the country, Brig Gen Tesfaye revealed.

Weapons, satellite telephones, radios and medicine were captured, which were intended for them, he said.

He also alleged the rebels carried a secret document detailing a military deal reached with some generals in Sudan, which has previously denied accusations that it is helping forces in Tigray.

Sudan’s government has not commented on these recent allegations.