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Telebirr’s Total Transaction Value Reaches Over 12.58bln Birr

ADDIS ABABA – Telebirr has reached over 17.6 million subscribers with a cumulative value of 12.58 billion birr transactions within Ethiopia.

Ethio telecom launched Telebirr, a mobile payment and digital wallet service, on May 11, 2021.

To date, the company said more than 12.58 billion birr worth of transactions have been undertaken through the payment platform, locally.

Over half a million US Dollars, or $528, 400, financial transfer has also been made from 34 countries via Telebirr in cooperation with 8 international remittance partners, said Ethio Telecom.

Besides, the digital transaction service coverage via Telebirr and the number of service rendering partners rapidly increases from time to time, according to the telecom firm.

The service has engaged more than 64,000 agents and over 16,000 merchants so far. The integration of the service with banks has also made money transfer from/to 12 Commercial Banks possible.

“Enabling various business transaction payments ranging from making payments for small transactions to transferring a large amount of money via Telebirr, has significantly contributed to the adoption of the digital payment system across the nation,” said the telecom company.

To date, over 52 institutions including Ethiopian Airlines have integrated their services with Telebirr to operate their businesses online.

Additional 20 public and private companies have made the necessary preparations to integrate to the payment system and will officially launch the service soon, said Ethio Telecom.

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