Ethiopian, Ethio Telecom Agree to Allow Travelers Buy Flight Ticket via Telebirr

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Airlines passengers can now buy their tickets for domestic flights using Telebirr – Ethio Telecom’s money transfer system.

This was made possible after the airlines and Ethio telecom signed a payment system integration agreement on Wednesday.

The agreement will “enable the Ethiopian Airlines’ passengers to have access to easy, fast, convenient and secured Telebirr based flight ticket online purchasing service at any time and everywhere as a mode of payment option,” said the telecom firm.

Ethiopian’s domestic route network is spread all over the country bringing more than 20 cities within easy reach of Addis Ababa, where its major aviation hub is located.

The newly adopted payment system would enable the Ethiopian Airlines’ customers to purchase domestic flight online tickets via Telebirr, and help the Airlines to attain its 2.52 million customers’ domestic flight annual target of the year 2022.

Prior to today’s officials launch, the two companies tested the ticket sale system for six days.  Ethiopian Airlines could manage to sell domestic flight tickets worth 6.67 million birr via Telebirr, officials said.


The latest deal has increased the number of institutions that have integrated their services, including traffic penalty payments, with Telebirr to 52.

Ethio telecom says it has already made the necessary preparations to integrate the payment system with more than 20 governmental and non-governmental organizations.

They “will soon officially launch the service”, said the state-owned telecom firm.