Gov’t welcomes embassy’s Statement refuting recruitment for Russian Armed Forces

ADDIS ABABA – The Government of Ethiopia has today welcomed the Statement issued by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Addis Ababa refuting the unfounded reports of recruitment for the Russian Armed Forces.

According to the ministry of foreign affairs (MoFA), the Embassy has clarified that it has not been accepting any applications for recruitment and that it abides by the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

“The Government of Ethiopia agrees with the Embassy that any such recruitment would have violated the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations as it would have been contrary to the functions of a diplomatic mission,” said the Ministry in a statement.

“It would have also violated this Convention with respect to the obligation of diplomatic missions to respect the laws and regulations of the host State, as any such recruitment by any Embassy or enlistment of any Ethiopian would have violated Ethiopian law,” it said.

The Government of Ethiopia reiterates its appreciation to the Embassy for its prompt action, the statement concluded.