WFP: 47 Trucks Heading to Tigray with Aid Supplies

ADDIS ABABA – ADDIS ABABA – Forty-seven convoys are en route to Tigray with humanitarian supplies, according to the UN World Food Program.

In a brief statement posted on twitter Thursday afternoon, the UN agency announced “another WFP-led humanitarian convoy on way to Mekelle”.

The 47 trucks, it said, have carried food, nutrition and other life-saving supplies” a well as “three fuel tankers – fundamental to deliver these items to communities in Tigray.”

“Smooth journey so far with support from all authorities,” the UN agency added.

The WFP resumed its delivery of humanitarian supplies using convoys, with the arrival of 13 trucks into Mekelle on April 2, 2022. This was followed by additional trucks and tankers delivering 47,000 litres of fuel the next day.

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