Ministry Secures 27.13bln Birr Revenues in March

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s Ministry of Revenues said it has collected 27.13 billion birr in tax and non-tax revenues in March, showing a 29.1% increase as compared to the same month of last year.

The government secured 221.4 billion birr revenues in the first eight months of the current budget year, which started in July, 2021.

And it started the ninth month – March – with a target to collect 27.2 billion birr.

In a report today, Minister of Revenues Lake Ayalew said the government has racked up 27.13 billion birr in tax and non-tax revenues, achieving 99.67% of the plan set for the Month.

The amount has shown a 29.11 % or more than 6.1 billion birr increase as compared to the corresponding month of the previous fiscal year, the report says.

The biggest revenue of the total figure came from domestic tax, amounting more than 14.1 billion birr.

Export tax and customs duties have contributed the remaining nearly 12.98 billion birr.

Revenues Minister Lake said the “excellent performance” was recorded amid several challenges that affected the tax collection activities in the country.

He attributed it to a near-100% success of tax collection to three factors.

These are the increasing number of taxpayers who pay their taxes on time, and the determination of workers of the ministry and the Ethiopian Customs Commission to carry out their duty, and the growing support offered from partners and the public, according to the minister.

“These supports need to continue in the remaining three months of the fiscal year in order to repeat the success attained in the month of March,” the Minister added.

The ministry of revenues has a plan to collect 360 billion revenues in the 2021/22 fiscal year.

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