Ankara Hosts Ethiopia-Turkey Trade & Investment Forum

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia-Turkey trade and investment forum involving business communities from both nations is taking place in the city of Ankara, said the ministry of foreign affairs.

The forum is organized by the Embassy of Ethiopia in Turkey in collaboration with Industrialist Business women and Business men Confederation (SANKON).

Addressing the forum, Ambassador Adem Mohamed highlighted the strong ties between Ethiopia and Turkey in business as well as people-to-people relationship.

He said Turkish businesses are the second largest investors in Ethiopia, engaging in different sectors , creating job opportunities for thousands.

The Ambassador called on the business community of both countries to further cement relations in doing more business and investment in the East African nation.

The Ethiopian Ambassador underlined the government’s commitment to support investors coming from abroad.
He also explained the actions taken by the government in reforming the rules and regulations to open up new investment areas for foreign investors.

On his part, Ferudun Cevahiroglu, president of SANKON stated the existing strong relation of the two countries and asserted the support of the Turkey government to the growth and development of Ethiopia.

More than 100 business people from Turkish and 25 from Ethiopia are partaking in the forum physically while many others participated virtually.

Officials of the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association (ECCSA) including its acting Secretary General, Wubie Mengistu are also attending the forum.

The participants are discussing four major investment opportunities in Ethiopia, covering Textile and Agro-processing; Leathers, Mining and Energy; Technology and Tourism; and Pharmaceutical and Health areas.

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