Harari Bans Increase on Housing Rent & Eviction

ADDIS ABABA – The administration of Harari region has moved to ban housing rent increase and eviction as part of measures to mitigate the effect of inflation on residents of the region.

The move came after the region’s council approved a resolution to bar landlords from hiking housing rent and eviction during its meeting today.

The council ratified the resolution to tackle the impact of rising cost of living on residents especially low income households, said the region’s communication bureau.

Deputy administrator of the region, Semira Abdela said the administration has been observing a hick in rent fee in recent times.

The resolution will help the region to stabilize the situation better, she added.

The council has also formed a committee, composed of various government offices, to follow up the strict implementation of the resolution.

The restrictions will run for at least three months and does not include on rent for businesses, it added.

The region’s move came days after Addis Ababa city administration extended its ban on both housing rent increase and eviction for additional 90 days.


Featured Image Caption: Last week, the administration started a Saturday Market in the city of Harar to help consumers buy produce at a reasonable price directly from farmers.