Ethiopian Air Force Recognizes, Promotes Officers

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Air Force (EAF) gave rank promotions to nearly 600 its officers including pilots, and technicians for their key roles in recent military operations.

The rank promotions and recognition ceremony, held at the EAT’s base in Bishoftu, was attended by senior military officials including Chief of Staff of the Army Field Marshal Birhanu Jula.

According to State-run ENA report, 92 senior and 42 to line officers, as well as 460 others were among those who received rank promotions.

Medals ranging from first to third tier gallantry have also been offered to the EAF personnel for bravery in the battle including the ‘Operation for National Unity in Diversity’.

The Air force commander Lt General Yilma Merdasa noted that the latest recognition and promotion would help members of Ethiopian Air force officers to prepare for more future assignments.

Lt. General Yilma said the air force has been playing major roles in protecting the sovereignty of the nation since its inception despite efforts to weaken its capablity in the previous administration.

“We are now exerting our efforts to build an army worthy of our country. This push will continue,” he said.

During the same day, the air force academy graduated technicians and air traffic control officers.