PM Aby: No Negotiation Held with TPLF So Far

ADDIS ABABA- No negotiation has taken place between the federal government of Ethiopia and the terrorist-designated TPLF so far, said Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The Prime Minister said this while addressing members of the lower house of Ethiopian parliament during their third extraordinary session on Tuesday.

Responding to a question raised by an MP, Abiy has refuted reports of ongoing talks with TPLF.

“I heard a lot about it. But there has been no negotiation yet,” the PM said in a response to a question raised by an MP regarding the issue.

He, however, has not ruled out the possibility of talks with the group.

“Just because we have not negotiated does not mean that we will not do so,” Abiy continued. “Negotiation is a method of identifying problem-solving options.”

“We have been betrayed while making efforts to rebuild, acknowledging that the region is a part of our country,” the PM said.

“It is important to welcome discussions by suppressing our emotions” as long as they are in the best interest of the country according to the Prime Minister.

On Freed Prisoners

MPs have also challenged the government’s decision to release six members of the TPLF, including the group’s founder Sebhat Nega, in January.

In response, Abiy said his administration made the decision taking three reasons into consideration.
These were, he said, “to bring lasting peace, taking into consideration the overall situation of the prisoners, and to consolidate our victory.”

Abiy went on to explain that there is no such thing as total triumph in a civil war. When one side wins a combat, the other party is momentarily defeated and this is known as temporary victory.

“A true triumph, therefore, necessitates victory in the realm of peace,” he said.

“The decision to release the prisoners has greatly helped Ethiopia,” the PM claimed, without delving into them further, adding: “We must not compromise on decisions for the lasting good of the country”.