MPs Appoint Commissioners for National Dialogue Commission

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Parliament has approved the appointment of 11 people as commissioners of the National Dialogue Commission.

The parliament has been collecting recommendations from the public after posting a list of 42 candidates with their mini profile on February 4, 2022.

Based on the recommendations, the house said it selected eligible candidate commissioners, nominating them for approval.

In their special session held today, members of parliament approved the appointment of 11 members of the commission with a majority votes. Five MPs voted to abstain..


– Prof. Mesfin Araya,

– Hirut Gebreselassie,

– Tegegnework Getu,

– Ambassador Ayrorit Mohammed (PhD),

– Bilen Gebremedihin,

– Yonas Adaye,

– Zegeye Asfaw,

– Melaku Woldemariam,

– Ambassador Mohammed Drir,

– Mulugeta Ago,

and Ambaye Ogato have been appointed by the house as commissioners of the National Dialogue Commission.

Prof. Mesfin and Hirut have also sworn in as Commissioner General and Deputy Commissioner General, respectively, of the commission by Ethiopia’s by Supreme Court Chief Justice Meaza Ashenafi.

“There is a lot of expectation from the Commission. However, the Commission will be an effective vehicle if it is offered the necessary support from stakeholders and the public,” said Meaza after administering the sworn in ceremony.

The National Dialogue Commission is now tasked with facilitating “an inclusive dialogue and reconciliation process that would heal wounds, build a consensus on key issues and help the country to solve its complex problems”.