The hall of Ethiopian parliament in Addis Ababa

MPs Expected to Endorse Decision to label TPLF, Shene as terrorists Entities

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian lawmakers are expected to approve the Council of Ministers’ decision to designate TPLF and Shene as terrorist organizations on Thursday.

The house of peoples representatives announced the resolution which labels the two organizations as terrorist entities will be subject of the house’s 13th regular session scheduled to be held on Thursday morning.

The resolution has already been approved by the prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s cabinet during its meeting on Saturday.

The cabinet blamed these groups for much of the atrocities that occurred in the country in the past three years.
“The crimes that these entities have committed and perpetrated are acts of terrorism,” it said, as per Ethiopia’s Prevention and Suppression of Terrorism Crimes proclamation.

They are also “being exploited by foreign forces seeking to weaken, disrupt and dismantle Ethiopia”, it said while reasoning out the decision to categorize them as terrorist entities.

The parliament, dominated by the members of the ruling party, is expected to scrutinize the resolution and endorse it.

The lawmakers will also examine and approve the amended the Ethiopian Overseas Employment bill, according to Public Relations and Communication Office of the House.