Ethiopia says 35th African Union Summit a Success

ADDIS ABABA – Government Communication Service (GCS) on Monday said the 35th African Union summit successfully concluded, with important decisions made in line with the Union’s agenda.

Among them, the Office said the Summit succeeded in bringing African leaders together to discuss Africa’s proper representation in the United Nations security council and establishing Africa based international media.

African leaders, foreign ministries, and ambassadors made various decisions that are in line with the union’s agenda for 2022.

“Hosting the African Union’s 35th Summit successfully is a major diplomatic triumph for Ethiopia and all Ethiopians,” GCS said, adding it reaffirmed Ethiopia’s “ability to host any continental and international event peacefully with full hospitality.”

In addition, the government said the bilateral meetings with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen “allowed Ethiopia to strengthen ties with a variety of nations on a wide range of issues”.

The government also expressed “its gratitude to all Ethiopians, security forces, the media, and service providers who all contributed for the successful completion of the summit.”

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