Investigation into ‘Karayu Killings’ Ongoing, Oromia Police say

ADDIS ABABA – Oromia Police Commission on Thursday said an investigation into the reported killings of civilians in Fentale-Bost district by security forces is already in progress with an undisclosed number of suspects in custody.

The announcement comes a day after the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) released its investigative report, accusing security forces in the region of 14 members of Karayu Michille Gada on December 1, 2021.

The killings followed an attack by the terrorist-designated OLF-Shene on members of the police force which took the lives 11 officers and injured 17 others, the report says.

Speaking to the state-media Thursday, Girma Gelan, deputy head of the Oromia Police Commission, confirmed that the Commission knew about the deadly attack in the district.

Investigation into the killings has already been launched, Girma said, adding that suspects linked with the case are currently in police custody.

The deputy Commissioner said the Police chose not to speak about the investigation as it was still ongoing.

Previously, the authorities had said the armed group was behind the attacks.

The outcome of the investigation will become public as soon as it is over, said deputy commissioner Girma.

EHRC’s report said there is “reasonable ground to believe” that the killings by security forces was “extrajudicial”.

It also urged that members of the security forces who committed the killings face justice and for the victims and their families to be compensated.


Featured Image Caption: Deputy Commissioner of Oromia Police Commission Giram Gelan [Photo ENA]