MPs Pass 122 Billion Birr Supplementary Budget

ADDIS ABABA – The lower house of Ethiopian parliament has approved a 122 billion birr supplementary budget with a majority vote.

The parliament approved the supplementary budget bill during its 3rd extraordinary session held on Friday, and a month after the Finance Ministry announced the bill.

The budget, which allotted 106 billion birr for recurrent expenditure, targets to support efforts to withstand the impact of Covid-19 and the conflict in northern Ethiopia on the economy as well as the rehabilitate conflict-affected communities.

Of the total budget, at least 90 billion birr is for the national defense force, 8 billion birr for the humanitarian assistance, and 7 billion birr capital spending for construction of dams and irrigation projects, 8 billion birr for reserve budget and 9 billion birr to cover expenses.

The government envisages securing the entire supplementary budget local loans

The house approved the supplementary budget bill with a majority vote, 9 against and 7 abstentions.

In July, last year, the previous parliament approved a 561.7 billion birr ($12.9 billion) budget for the 2021/22 fiscal year, representing an 18% increase on the previous budget amounting to 561.7 billion ($12.7 billion).