Ethiopia Condemns Terrorist Attacks on UAE’s Capital Abu Dhabi

ADDIS ABABA – The government of Ethiopia strongly condemned the deadly attacks on Abu Dhabi’s International Airport and the nearby Musaffah industrial area.

The attacks on the UAE’s capital, claimed by Yemen’s Houthi group, occurred on Monday, setting off explosions in fuel trucks that killed three people and causing a fire near the airport of Abu Dhabi, according to reports.

In a statement today, Ethiopia’s foreign Ministry said the government and people of Ethiopia have learnt with dismay the deaths and injuries of civilians in the UAE due to the terrorist attacks.

“Ethiopia strongly condemns this cowardly act that neither the norms of humanity nor international law could justify,” said the ministry.

The government and people of Ethiopia express their heartfelt condolences to the families of the deceased, wishing the wounded a quick recovery, it added.

The Ministry reaffirmed Ethiopia’s “solidarity and extends its consolation to the government and people of the United Arab Emirates at this trying incident”.


Featured Image Caption: view on Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. (Photo File/UN/ Kamil Rogalinski]