Addis Ababa Bans Motorbike Passengers

ADDIS ABABA – Transport Bureau of Addis Ababa City has banned motorcyclists from carrying pillion passengers while riding in the capital.

The temporary ban was put in place as of December 31, 2021, said the bureau, adding the restriction was needed mainly because of safety concerns.

Although it’s not as common as other African cities, some in the capital prefers to use motorcycles for their ability to nip in and out of tight spots and get them to their destinations fast.

The Bureau, however, said the motorbikes engaged in taxi service are exasperating traffic jam, increasing safety concerns.

The rate of motorcycle-enabled crimes has also shown an increasing trend in the busy streets of the city as the holiday approaches and more diaspora arrive in the capital, it said.

An indefinite ban on motorcycles carrying pillion passengers had, therefore, been put in place, according to the transport Bureau.