Coronavirus: Ethiopia Reports 26 Infections, 3 Fatalities

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia has reported 3 covid-19 disease related fatalities and 26 additional infections on Friday.

The fatality recorded today has pushed the Covid-induced death toll in the country to 7, 500, a ministry of health report says.

The East African nation has confirmed 26 new cases after testing close to 5,500 people in the past twenty-four hours, the ministry reports.

As many as 1, 653 patients have also recuperated from the acute respiratory disease in the reported period.

The increasing recovery trend has pushed the active cases tally to drop further.

There are now more than 17, 800 confirmed active cases in the country. Of which, only 17 are severely sick, the report says.

Despite the decreasing trend of active and new cases, health officials are still urging the public to continue wearing masks and follow other protocols put in place.

The country, however, has not offered a single shot of vaccine doses, the ministry health report shows.

The ministry, which started its vaccine drive last year in March, has administered over 29.41 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine, so far

Ethiopia identified its first Coronavirus case in March, 2020. Since then, it has confirmed a total of 469, 784 infections after testing 4.66 million people. About 444, 479 of them have already recovered from the disease.