Over 250 Containers Full of Goods Looted from Kombolcha Dry Port

ADDIS ABABA – The terrorist TPLF has looted and vandalized 251 containers of goods that had been stored at the Kombolcha dry port, said Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLSE).

Deputy CEO of the Enterprise, Mihireteab Teklu said there were some 251 containers of goods stored for customers at the port when TPLF occupied the town.

The terrorist group looted all the goods and vandalized what it was unable to transport, the deputy CEO said during a press briefing he held a few days after the recapture of the industrial town by federal and regional Forces.

Machineries, industrial inputs, food, and drugs were among the goods in the containers, according to the Enterprise.

“The 251 containers were properties of customers,” said the deputy CEO, adding the port has been destroyed “almost completely”.

“Machineries, office facilities, and garage equipment of the port and terminal have also been fully looted and vandalized,” he added.

The Kombolcha dry port is one of the 8 dry ports operating in the country under the Ethiopian Shipping Transport and Logistics Services Enterprise. “With an annual revenue of more than 50 million Birr, the port has been playing a key role in the economic development of the country by facilitating Ethiopia’s import and export goods,” he said.

The Enterprise plans to hold a meeting with the customers whose properties are robbed from the dry port.

It will also send a team to the area and assess the level of destruction and looting caused by the terrorist group, Mihireteab said.

The outcomes, which will be made public as soon as the investigation concludes, will support security forces’ efforts to retrieve stolen properties, he added.

– EM/Agencies