Council of Ministers Passes Bill to Establish National Dialogue Commission

ADDIS ABABA – The Council of Minister has endorsed a draft proclamation to establish the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission.

The Ministers held their regular Cabinet session on Friday morning to deliberate the bill to set up the Commission key to hold all inclusive national dialogue on basic national issues.

In a statement today, the Office of the Prime Minister said one the pledges the ruling party made during the 6th general elections was to hold all inclusive national dialogue on national issues.

Thus, the office said it necessary to have a credible institution that can impartially lead and coordinate dialogue that will bring the general public and elites with different political views together and have common and constructive stance on the basic national agendas.

Accordingly, the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration took the first step and proposed the draft proclamation to set up the Commission to the Council of Ministers during their second regular session.

After deliberation and adding some inputs on the draft proclamation, the council endorsed and referred it to the lower house of Ethiopian Parliament for ratification, according to the statement.