Dessie and Kombolcha Towns Liberated, GCS says

ADDIS ABABA – A joint federal and Amhara regional forces took control of Dessie and Kombolcha towns from TPLF fighters, the government communication services (GSC) on Monday.

The two strategic towns of Amhara region have been occupied by the terrorist group for almost a month.

The GCS announced that the historic city of Dessie and the industrial town of Kombolcha have been liberated from TPLF today.

In eastern front, the joint forces took control of Bati, Kersa, Gerba and Degan towns, the GSC said.

They have also recaptured Kalu district in Harbu front from TPLF- a group the Ethiopian Parliament designated as terrorist group earlier this year.

The latest win came after the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s led Federal forces and their regional allies started a counteroffensive and retook a string of towns including the a United Nations World Heritage Site Lalibela, from the TPLF in a span of ten days.