Joint Forces liberated String of Towns including Kemisse from TPLF

ADDIS ABABA – The coalition of security forces, led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, have today liberated various towns in two warfronts from the terrorist TPLF.

The prime minister office said Ajbar, the joint federal and regional forces have retaken the control of Ajbar, Tenta and Doba towns during their operations against TPLF fighters in Woreillu Front.

In Kemisse Front, they have also liberated Majete, Chereti, Iriqe, Woledi, Albuko, Kemisse towns and most of Qalu Woreda from the terrorist TPLF group.

Earlier today, the government communications services said the joint forces have intensified their counteroffensive in the two fronts since yesterday.

And the terrorist TPLF has been dealt a severe blow more than ever, GCS said.

Most of the terrorists have been eliminated while others are surrounded, it said, adding the joint army manged to prevent the terrorist force and the properties it looted from being taking out is also being kept.

Currently, the GCS said administrations are being set up in previously liberated towns and areas in east, west and central fronts.


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