Customs Seizes Contraband Items worth 72.3 million Birr

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Customs Commission on Saturday said its officers have intercepted contraband goods and foreign currencies worth more than 72.3 million birr in the past week.

The majority of contraband items have been seized while coming into the country illegally, said the Commission.

Officials valued the amount of items captured while being smuggled into the nation the ending week at 47.4 million birr.

Of these, it’s branches at Moyale, Adama and Hawassa were able to intercept 15.4mln birr, 12 men birr and 5 birr worth of contraband goods, respectively.

The Commission also said its officers were able to intercept goods worth 24.9 million birr while being smuggled out of Ethiopia.

Khat, gold, drugs, foreign currencies, garments, electronic devices, medicines, coffee and cosmetics dominated the list of items seized during illegal trafficking.

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