More Towns Liberated from TPLF as Govt Troops Advance

ADDIS ABABA – The federal army and regional forces, led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, have liberated a string of towns including Mehal Meda, on Friday as they continue their push to clear Amhara region from invading TPLF fighters, said the Government.

In a statement today, the Government communication services (GSS) said the joint forces have taken control of Mehal Meda, Chefa Robit, Harbu and Mekoy towns on Friday afternoon.

The allied forces are “now clearing off the TPLF fighters scattered around the surrounding areas”, it said.

The announcement came a couple of hours after State of Emergency Command said the allied forces retook several more towns in a military operation carried out over the past two days,

Qewet, Lemlem Amba, Jewha, Senbetie, Ataye and Kara Qore towns and their environs in Shoa front have been recaptured by the joint forces, the command said.

In the Gashena battlefield, the forces have fully liberated Kon and Dawint towns from the invading forces of TPLF, it added.

The command said thousands of enemy forces are surrendered as the allied forces expand their military operation to liberate more invaded areas.

It has also urged the communities to respect country’s tradition and hand over prisoners of war  from all fronts to the government army.

The command has also rebuffed the fake information being disseminated by the TPLF, claiming its forces are making tactical retreat for strategic reasons. This is to cover up its humiliating defeat in the fronts and mislead its supporters, the Command said.


Featured Image caption. Federal army entering Gashna a couple of days ago. [Image EBC]