Twelve TPLF Army Leaders Killed in Bati, Kemise Fronts: GCS

ADDIS ABABA – Twelve army and high-ranking core leaders of TPLF have been killed at Bati and Kemise fronts, revealed the Government Communication Service.

Speaking at a press briefing on Wednesday evening, Communication Minister Legesse Tulu said the invading army currently is encountering defeat in Bati and Kemise war fronts following a coordinated operation carried out by the Ethiopian security forces.

Twelve army and high-ranking core leaders of the terrorist group have been killed in the during the operation in the past two days, the Communication Minister said.

They are among the individuals wanted for treason, said Legesse, adding the invading forces are currently fleeing the fronts frantically.

The Minister advised residents of cities in vicinity of the two battlefronts to get organized and eliminate the terrorists in disarray who may try to cause destruction while fleeing.

– Hybrid War –

Earlier today, Legesse told reporters that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is leading the defense force operation to reverse what he called a hybrid war waged against Ethiopia.

The PM left the capital Addis Ababa to the battlefield in Northern Ethiopia on Tuesday morning.

The war has been waged by allied terrorist groups on the other hand and foreign forces keen to stop Ethiopia’s journey to the better future on the other side, Legesse said.

Saying that the regular activities are being run by the Deputy prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen, Legesse said the Abiy’s decision has inspired many to follow his footsteps and join the survival campaign.

The Communication Minister called on Ethiopians to support the survival push with diplomatic, economic and other spheres, underlining that the war waged against the nation is not limited to war fronts.

Meanwhile, the government dismissed a video purportedly showing people as captured federal army.

“The terrorist group TPLF has been dressing its own special forces and militia in national uniforms to play captor, while dressing youth taken after attacking Amhara and Afar region and its own returnee fighters in uniforms produced at Almeda Textile factory,” said government’s Ethiopia Current Factcheck.

“Videos have then been sent to Int’l media after editing to make it look like multitudes are captured,” it said. “The purpose of the video, which has been widely circulated in media, is to confuse the public with fake info as part of psychological warfare the group has been engaged in.”

– EM/Agencies