ShangTex Ethiopia Begins Exporting Sweaters to Italian Market

ADDIS ABABA – ShangTex Manufacturing Ethiopia has begun exporting sweaters from its manufacturing plant located in Bole Lemi industrial park, said the industrial development corporation (IDPC) on Monday.

The company started exporting nearly two years after its parent company Shangtex Holding Co Ltd, second leading textile company in China, signed an agreement with the IDPC officials to enter the Ethiopian manufacturing sector.

In a brief statement today, the IDPC said “ShangTex Manufacturing Ethiopia, a company based in Bole Lemi Industrial Park, has exported its first round of sweaters to Italy”.

ShangTexhas exported more than 45,000 sweaters and earned more than 80,000 US dollars, said the public enterprise which developed the Bole Lemi industrial complex.

The Industrial Park is a large Export Zone and a modern Industrial Park located in Addis Ababa.

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