Ethiopia Scraps Grade 10 National Exam

ADDIS ABEBA – The introduction of a new schooling system means there will not be a grade 10 national exam starting from the coming Ethiopian academic year.

The Ministry of Education (MoE) on Wednesday said it has decided to introduce the 6-2-4 education system.

The system entails six years of primary schooling, followed by two years of junior secondary and four years of secondary schooling.

The current schooling system pursues 8 years of primary, 2 years of general secondary, and 2 years of preparatory senior secondary education.

Dr. Tilaye Gete, Minister of Education, said that the decision has been made to introduce the new schooling system starting from the 2012 academic year.

The academic year starts in September 2019.

The ministry says there will be a regional examination at grade 6 and a national examination at grade 8.
Grade 10 national examination will be scraped from the education system, according to the ministry.

Due attention will be attached to values, ethics and competence in the 2012 Ethiopian academic year, Dr. Tilaye told reporters.

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