MPs Form 11 Parliamentary Committees, Approve their Chairpersons

ADDIS ABABA – The House of peoples representatives of Ethiopia formed eleven parliamentary committees, and approved their respective chairpersons during their regular session on Tuesday.

The house approved the resolution to form the Committees and their duties and responsibilities with a majority yes and 18 abstain votes.

Each of the Standing Committees have up to 13 MPs as members, reducing the previous number which used to go up to 45.

The session also saw the approval of chairpersons for the Standing Committees of the parliament.

A member of an opposition party, MP Christian Taddele, appointed as Chairman of the Government Expenses Management and Supervision Standing Committee as per Code of Conduct Regulation of the House.

MPs also endorsed,

– Dima Negewo (PhD) as Chairperson for Foreign Relations and Peace Affairs Standing Committee;

– Etsegenet Mengistu as Chairperson for Legal, Justice and Democracy Affairs Standing Committee;

– Solomon Lallie as Chairperson for Agricultural Affairs Standing Committee;

– Werksemu Mamo as Chairperson for Health, Social, Development, Culture and Sport Affairs Standing Committee;

– Negeri Lencho (PhD) as Chairperson for Human Resource Development, Employment Allocation and Technology Affairs Standing Committee;

– Fetiya Ahmed as Chairperson for Water, Irrigation and Arid Areas Development Affairs Standing Committee;

– Amarech Bakalo (PhD) as Chairperson for Industry and Minerals Affairs Standing Committee;

– Asha Yaya as Chairperson for Commerce and Tourism Affairs Standing Committee;

– Shewit Shenka as Chairperson for Urban, Infrastructure and Transport Affairs Standing Committee; and

– Desalegn Wedajo as Chairperson for Plan, Budget and Finance Affairs Standing Committee.

At the same session, MPs also deliberated on another resolution which proposed a formation of an ad hoc Advisory Committee and its members as per Article 55 of the Constitution.

The resolution which was eventually endorsed with a majority vote put the Speaker and his Deputy, party whips as its members, along with MPs delegated by parties in proportion with their seats.

Their task will be to formulate agendas to be discussed by the Parliament, in addition to preparing and submitting a draft annual budget of the House.