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Ethiopia Partners with IOHK to Issue Digital ID for Students, Teachers

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia and Input Output HK Limited (IOHK) signed an agreement to carry out a project that will develop at least one million blockchain-based national students this year.

The deal is part of the partnership agreement between the two in the education sector with the goal of building a blockchain-based universal student credentialing system.

Education Minister Prof Birhanu Nega and CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson signed the latest deal on Tuesday.

The project aims to provide a total of five mini lion students and 750, 000 teachers, working in 3, 680 schools, with digital ID cards.

This year, at least a million students will get the digital ID card, said the Education Minister.

The system will give all students blockchain-verified digital qualifications that reduce fraudulent university and job applications, said the ministry.

It will also allow education authorities to track students’ activity at general education level and help the teachers to manage their students.