Foreign Mercenaries Fought alongside TPLF in Wollo War Front, says Abiy

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said foreign troops were fighting alongside TPLF in Wollo war fronts.

The prime minister said this on Monday afternoon while briefing government officials on the latest TPLF group’s attacks and the direction the war is heading.

Non-Ethiopian fighters including whitemen were killed while fighting together with the terrorist group in the Wollo war front, Abiy said.

The PM held the briefing a day after he appealed to the public to take up arms to defend Ethiopia from TPLF, a group designated as terrorist by the parliament earlier this year.

Speaking at the briefing, Abiy the response from the public has been encouraging.

Responding to incursion should not be left to one group and all Ethiopians should act now, he reiterated.

The terrorist group is using a human wave to in the war it has waged against the nation, Abiy said the government has devised a new strategy to repulse the incursion by the outlawed force.

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