Ethiopia Recognizes 300 Loyal and Transparent Taxpayers

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has praised trustworthy and transparent businesses as Ethiopia recognizes top 300 loyal taxpayers.

In the recently concluded 2020/21 budget year, domestic tax rose by 29 percent as the government obtained 279 billion Br in revenues.

Tax authorities dubbed the performance encouraging, attributing it to the growing change in attitude among the business community to pay their dues on time, among others.

In a ceremony held at Unity park Thursday, they honored a total of 300 businesses who pay their taxes loyally and on time as the government continue to recognize them for the third consecutive year.

Prime Minister Abiy said the recognitions are intended to encourage the business community to follow the lead in abiding by the law and do what is best for the common good of the country.

“Diligence in being faithful exhibits concern for generations and dedication to uplift our country,” Abiy said. “Ethiopia thanks trustworthy and transparent taxpayers.”

The number of honored businesses has increased by 140 and 100, consecutively, in the last two years.  This year, 30 taxpayers honoured with platinum award while the others receive gold (90) and silver awards (180).

Special Praise

Last year, the PM called on the business community to fight corruption alongside their work.

On Thursday, special awards have been given to the heads of three companies, namely Herberg Rose P.l.c, Arduneja Trading P.l.c, and Upper Nile Trading, for exposing corruption.

“Today, we have given special recognition to those who responded to that call,” PM Abiy said.

“In the years to come, I entrust you to continue in being role models who envision and prioritize Ethiopia and future generations,” he added.


Featured Image Caption: PM Abiy speaking with one of the rep of a business awarded in a ceremony held at Unity park on Thursday [Photo PMoE]