Relatively Cold Week Forecasted for Northern, Central Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Center (ICPAC) on Monday said northern and central parts of Ethiopia will have relatively cold temperature in the coming eight days.

In its temperature forecast for 19-26 October, the center said the temperatures are expected to be warmer than average in most East African countries.

In Ethiopia, it says “relatively cold conditions with temperatures less than 20℃ are expected in central and northern Ethiopia”.

North-eastern and south-eastern parts of the country are also expected to have moderate temperatures between 20 – 32 ℃, the Forecast shows.

Little Rainfall

The center projects south-eastern Ethiopia will get light rainfall of less than 30 mm while northern and central part of the country experience dry conditions.

Meanwhile, Heavy to very heavy rainfall, top 10-5% on record, is expected in parts of Bakool, Bay, and Gedo regions of southern Somalia and few areas in southern Uganda and western Rwanda.

“Some of these areas are forecasted to receive total rainfall above 100mm,” the center says.


(Note: 1 mm of rainfall is equivalent to 1 litre of water per square meter)