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Irreechaa Hora Finfinne Festival Ends Peacefully, says Mayor

ADDIS ABABA – The celebration of Irreechaa Hora Finfinne festival has been concluded peacefully, said Adanech Abiebie, the Mayor of Addis Ababa.

The Irreecha festival started in the capital on Saturday and will continue at Lake Hora in Bishoftu – 47 km south east of Addis Ababa – on Sunday.

In addis, the festival was colorfully celebrated in the presence of crowds of people gathered from across the Oromia region.

Residents from Halaba, Sidamo and Gamo also attended the festival at the center of the city.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday afternoon, Mayor Adanech said the celebration in the capital was peaceful and colorful with at least 3 million people in attendance.

She extended gratitude to all pertinent security institutions, participants of the festival, and residents of the city for their contribution for the peaceful conclusion of the festival.

The mayor also said there were attempts to disrupt the celebration but failed as a result of a collaborative effort involving federal, Addis Ababa and Oromia police.

Irreechaa, a thanksgiving festival of the Oromo Gada system, marks the end of the rainy season and the start of the harvest season.

The Oromo people celebrate the holiday to thank Waaqaa (God) for the blessings and mercies they have received throughout the previous year.


Featured Image caption: Mayor of Addis Ababa, Adanech Abiebie gave a press briefing on Saturday afternoon to extend her administration’s gratitude to people and institutions that contributed to the peaceful conclusion of Irreechaa festival in the city. [Photo AA City Press Secretary Office]