Egypt, European Union Appoint New Ambassadors to Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – Egypt and the European Union have appointed new ambassadors to Ethiopia, according to ministry of foreign affairs (MoFA).

The newly appointed envoys have presented copies of their letters of credentials to Feysel Alyie, Director General of Protocol Affairs of MoFA, on Wednesday.

EU appointed its former Special Envoy to Afghanistan, Ronald Kobia, as Head of Delegation to Ethiopia.  After presenting the copy of his credentials, ambassador Kobia held discussion with MoFA’s Protocol chief on EU-Ethiopia bilateral.

Kobia  said the conversation, which involved Director-General for EU Genet Teshome, was “constructive”.

Feysel, on his part, expressed his appreciation to the humanitarian support of the EU that it extends to Ethiopia.

Egypt’s Ambassador Gad presented a copy of his credentials to MoFA on Wednesday.

On the same day, Chief of Protocol Feysel also held a similar discussion with the newly appointed Egyptian envoy to Ethiopia, Dr. Mohamed Omar Gad. He replaced Abdel Khaleq who is now Egypt’s permanent representative to the United Nations, as a top envoy of Cairo in Addis Ababa.

During the meeting, Feysel called on the two countries to build upon their longstanding and historical ties with the utilization of shared natural resources through cooperation.

Ambassador Dr. Gad appreciated the ongoing reform in Ethiopia and expressed his desire to cement the relationship between the two countries.

At the end of the one-to-one discussion with the EU and Egypt ambassadors, Feysel promised to do his level best in supporting them to make their stay in Ethiopia more fruitful, according to MoFA.


Featured Image: Director General of Protocol Affairs of MoFA, Feysel, speaking with Ambassador Kobia  the new Head of Delegation to Ethiopia, on Wednesday [Photo MoFA]

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