Addis Ababa Hosts Intl Peacekeeping Support Training Forum

ADDIS ABABA – Peace Support Training Institute and the Embassy of Japan to Ethiopia are hosting a three-day international peacekeeping support training forum in Addis Ababa.

The training that started on Monday has brought participants from many Peacekeeping Training Centers and Institutes from Japan and seven African nations together.

The Forum aims to strengthen relationships among the participant training centers and institutes and help them update their training through the sharing of information on counter-tactics of terrorists, ceasefire monitoring, protection of civilians, and more.

Speaking at the Forum, Japanese Ambassador to Ethiopia Daisuke Matsunaga said  African PKOs need to diversify beyond ceasefire monitoring, as the nature of peacekeeping and the tactics needed are changing rapidly.

Such kind of forum “help us to strengthen the relationships among us in order to overcome any weaknesses”, the ambassador said.

He added, “Meeting, networking, discussing and sharing information are great ways to strengthen all of our PKO Training Centers for the benefit of everyone.”

There are currently 13 UN Peace Keeping Operations in the world, and 7 of those are found in Africa, these being in addition to currently operational missions such as AMISOM, G5 Sahel and the MNJTF, among others.

Since 2012, Japan has supported the FDRE-PSTI by providing USD 2,549,000 for the construction of the Institute’s theatre building, developing curriculum for courses, and providing technical cooperation through the assignment of Japan Self-Defense Force officials to the FDRE-PSTI.