Indian Firm Begins Manufacturing Cephalosporin Injectables in Addis

ADDIS ABABA – Kilitch Drugs India Ltd said its plant in Addis Ababa began producing cephalosporin injectables as it plans to assuage the need for the product in Ethiopia and other African nations.

The company is a leading manufacturer of Injectables in India and built its manufacturing plant in Klinto Industrial park, located in the outskirt of Ethiopia’s capital.

According to Mumbai-based Indiainfoline, Kilitch Drugs started production of the Cephalosporin Injectables in its plant in Kilinto Pharmaceuticals Industrial Parka.

The report said the Cephalosporin Injectables plant has a total capacity of 26.4 million vials yearly. The demand for the injectables in Ethiopia is estimated to 16 million vials per year.

Most of the capacity is going to be sold in Ethiopia through the Government and other institutes, the report added.

It also plans to reach out to other African nations.

“We have started this manufacturing plant to cater to the African markets directly as there are very few injectable manufacturing plants in whole continent and in turn help the people of Africa,” said Mukund Mehta, Chairman and Managing Director of Kilitch Drugs.

The company initially launched producing Antiseptic and Disinfectant products earlier this year to help Ethiopia fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.