Abiy Expresses Gratitude to Leaders of Political Parties involved 2021 Elections

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has met with leaders of political parties to express his gratitude a week after Ethiopia held its 6th National Elections.

“I met with political party heads this morning… to express my gratitude for their contribution in enabling a peaceful election in which Ethiopia came out a winner,” the Prime Minister said after the meeting.

The PM also discussed their assessment of challenges and gaps that surfaced in the electoral process”, he said.
Abiy’s brief statement on his social media account did not delve into the discussion points.

He, however, said the outcomes of the discussion “could serve as lessons learnt to strengthen our nascent democracy”.

The vote was seen as a crucial test for the ruling prosperity party and its chair prime minister, who came to power in 2018. Preliminary results of last week’s general elections for parliamentary and regional council seats are expected to be made public by the national electoral board of Ethiopia this week.