Ethiopia Criticizes Sudan & Egypt over Dam Dispute

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia said on Tuesday it has addressed all of the concerns Sudan had raised regarding its dam and questioned Khartoum’s stands regarding the Dam on the Nile River.

The latest negotiation over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) held in Kinshasa on its operations collapsed following disagreements between Addis Ababa, Khartoum, and Cairo.

Despite that, Ethiopia proposed to share data on the operations of its giant hydropower dam – an offer Egypt and Sudan rejected.

“Ethiopia has addressed all of the concerns of #Sudan on #GERD as they’re technical. Data exchange has been offered & Dam safety is an issue that’s well taken care of by Ethiopia for its own safety in the first place. Who profits by Sudan’s rejection of the filling of GERD?,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a message posted on Twitter.

The ministry questioned Sudan’s complaints about the dam after “lauding” it for years.

“For years Sudan’s officials have been lauding GERD’s importance to deter flooding, regulate water flow for irrigation, remove a huge chunk of silt & sedimentation & provide cheap energy. How will the interest of Sudanese people be served by rejecting the filling of the dam?,” it said.

The ministry also accused Egypt of failing to recognize Ethiopia’s “generosity and understanding”.

“There is no experience to compare with Ethiopia who invited its downstream riparians to negotiate on its own hydro-electric generating dam on a river it originates from its lands,” it said. “Egypt failed to recognize Ethiopia’s generosity and understandings to negotiate in good faith.”

Following the failure of the latest negotiations last week, Egyptian and Sudanese officials have heightened rhetoric against Ethiopia’s intention to fill the dam next July.

The two have increasingly been making similar statements concerning the dam that they term a threat to the self-proclaimed share of the Nile river waters.

Staff writer/agency