Ethiopia Earns $114mln from Coffee Export in A Month

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia has for the first time earned 114 million US dollars from export of coffee in a month, according to Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority.

The revenue was obtained the last Ethiopian month, Miazia, during which the country exported 28,800 tons of coffee to the international market.

In a statement Wednesday, the Authority said the performance is an indication of the potential of the coffee sector, which is going through reforms.

The latest trend shows how much the sector is being stimulated, it added.

The authority generated over 107 million US Dollars the previous Ethiopian month, Megabit, after exporting 27, 000 tons of coffee. The revenue is now the second highest revenue the east African nation garnered in a month.

Director-General of the Authority Adugna Debela said the policy reforms that have taken place in the sector have been invaluable for the increasing performance and accompanied by sincere efforts by the producers, supplier, exporters, and sector actors at all levels.