Traffic Accident in West Shoa Kills 7

ADDIS ABABA – A road traffic accident in western Ethiopia has left seven people dead and two others injured, local officials said on Tuesday.

The accident involving a public bus and a long-base car occurred in Liben-Jawi district of West Shoa zone, FBC quoted the Zone’s communication officials as saying.

The public bus was heading from Nekempt towards Addis Ababa, while the long-base car was heading in the opposite direction.

Seven people died in the collision while two others sustained serious injuries, according to the communication office of the Western Shoa zone.

A mother and her son were among the victims of the road accident, says the report.

Police are currently investigating the possible causes of the accident.

Although Ethiopia has one of the lowest per capita ownership rates in the world, deadly traffic accidents are fairly common, with the blame put on bad roads, reckless driving, a flawed driving license issuance system and lax enforcement of safety rules.