City Police Arrest 34 Suspects Involved in Serious Crimes

ADDIS ABABA – Addis Ababa Police Commission said it has arrested 34 suspects involved in major crimes in the capital.

Briefing reporters on Thursday, Crime and Traffic Accidents Investigation Deputy Commissioner, Hassan Negash the Police have seized 12 stolen vehicles.

They have also seized televisions and computers, together with 34 suspects who were involved in looting properties in the city.

The suspects detained were involved in serious crimes, including armed robbery on large institutions and organizations as well as attacks of individuals, it was learned.

The suspects were organized under three groups that located precious goods and money, another group that robbed the identified goods and money, and lastly a group that sells the stolen properties and money, according to state news agency ENA.

The city police, however, downplayed some reports regarding the security situation of Addis Ababa.

The city’s police Commissioner, Getu Argaw, has warned the media and activists to refrain from spreading false information about the security situation in the city.

“We will take legal action if they are found guilty,” the commissioner underscored.