U.S. ‘Provides $152mln to humaniterain response in Tigray’

ADDIS ABABA – The United States aid agency is providing more than $152 million additional assistance to the ongoing humanitarian response in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region, its embassy announced.

The support brings the total contributed by the American people for the Tigray crisis to nearly $305 million, according to the embassy’s statement issued on Friday.

The latest fund, the embassy claims, will cover the needs of more than half of the people in need of support in the region.

“This new funding will enable USAID to provide life-saving aid to more than 3 million people in Tigray to address hunger and acute malnutrition,” among others, the statement says.

The outbreak of conflict in Tigray last November coincided with the peak harvest period, meaning employment and incomes were lost, markets were disrupted, food prices rose, and access to cash and fuel became very difficult.

Authorities estimate that 4.5 million people need emergency food assistance until late this year.

With the new finance, the embassy said the aid agency will provide safe drinking water, urgently needed medical and health support, and shelter for internally displaced persons – estimated to be one million people.

The agency will also support the provision of protection for the most vulnerable — including survivors of gender-based violence, and programs to reunite children separated from their families, it added.