Amhara Region Requests China to Support ongoing Reconstruction Push

ADDIS ABABA – Top official Amhara Regional State on Wednesday requested China’s support to the ongoing efforts of rebuilding infrastructures and facilities looted and torn down during the recent conflict.

Chief Administrator Yilkal Kefale made the request while holding a meeting with Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Zhao Zhiyuan, in Bahir Dar, capital city of Amhara region.

The two sides discussed various topics including the current situation and the development activities in the region as well as Ethiopia, according to state-run Ethiopian news agency.

The Chinese delegation, led by the ambassador, is visiting several parts of the region.

Request for Support

During the discussion, Chief administrator Yilikal said the terrorist-designated TPLF’s incursion has been repulsed with Ethiopians collaborative efforts despite unwarranted pressure from some corners.

Yilkal, who extended his gratitude for China’s unwavering support for Ethiopia, briefed the delegation about the ongoing extensive efforts in rebuilding the infrastructure and facilities looted and destroyed by the TPLF.

Chief Administrator Yilkal called on the Chinese government to support the ongoing rebuilding activities with a view to strengthening the existing friendship and development partnership between Ethiopia and China.

He also called on the Chinese government to continue its cooperation in the fields of industry, construction, agriculture and other sectors with Ethiopia. The ties between the two nations “is strong not only economically, politically and diplomatically, but also in people to people,” he said.